Who Are We?

Ember Group is a collective group of business companies that will give efficient services in Maldives. Our businesses consist of:

Ember Fire and Safety

The fire safety sector of EMBER group has established a sound reputation in reliability and quality of service in terms of ‘fire and safety’ measures in Maldives. Our continuous efforts in providing the finest customer service and safety equipment has allowed us to climb the ladder of success in an impressively fast pace. Ember Fire and Safety has collectively 35 outstanding years of experience to provide our customers with the ultimate fire solution.

Ember Metals

EMBER METALS has been in this industry for more than a decade before being officially established in 2018. The main focus of the company is to deliver customers with an end product beyond expectations. Metals aim to maintain the advantages of fast speed and the incomparable quality of projects, as well as implementing innovative approaches in projects.

Maldives Boatyard

‘Maldives Boatyard’ is more than just a company. This is a life-long dream of a self-driven individual. Boatyard being the latest addition to the Ember group, has already developed a profound reputation in providing world-class boat building and refurbishment opportunities for our clients. Quality is maintained through attention given to the materials and designs used in building our boats. Our sole purpose is to provide our clients with nothing but the best.

Property Hub

We care about the improvement of your lifestyle. Property Hub brings you the ultimate solutions for your homes with a luxurious feel and stay. We remodel your house/apartments to a comforting space with minimalistic designs  giving you the perfection of style and living. Property Hub is ready to provide construction solutions from buildings to guesthouse villas and real estate apartment buildings. Your happiness is our top priority!

Ember Energy

Formed by young and enthusiastic professionals, the company is more than qualified to provide the best possible service to the customers. Ember Energy has an unparalleled appetite to deliver the most efficient services and products to the clients. Scaling from minor repairs to installation of industrial level electrical systems, EMBER Energy brings the “Ultimate Electrical Solutions” element of the ember Group.

Get In Touch!

We are more than happy with a good old fashioned smoke signal, but hey. There are much easier ways to do it. Use either one of the following methods you would like to contact us !

Head Office

M. Lux Lodge,

Orchid Magu,


Maldives, 20213

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday:

8am – 2:30pm


Ember Service Centre


Shaariu Varudhee Magu



Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday:

8am – 12pm

1:30pm – 5pm